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D R C 10
D R C 10
Umiya Enterprise offers high quality parts & accessories for weaving machines with offering options of modification towards the needs of every person. We provide machines as well as it’s parts, accessories with regard to frame weaving machines, Jacquard machines as well as carpeting machines with consistence of an entire variety along with harnesses, weaving automation techniques.
D R C Connector known as a part of textile loom machines which handles the heald frames up, down and other automation system of the machines. D R C Connector helps to handle 280 mm (II"), 331 mm (13") or 382 mm (15") heald frames which tends to be used in the looms machinery.
Product Range
product_icon Heald Frame
product_icon D R C 10
product_icon Side Stay
product_icon Bobbin
product_icon Backrest Shaft
product_icon Heald Frame Guide
product_icon Motor pulley
product_icon Omni Side Stay
product_icon D R C Connector
product_icon Link 190
product_icon Tsudacoma middle support
product_icon Catch Cort
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