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About Us
Umiya Enterprise – Manufacturer & Exporter for Textile Industries Spare Parts. We're specific because we are in industry since 2000 for making extra required parts with regard to various kinds Textile Industries particularly weaving Loom machinery, air jet Looms, Toyota Machinery parts.
The items with regard to Weaving loom spare parts which involves the products like Backrest Shaft, Bobbin Bush, D R C Rod, D R C Connector, Heald Frame Guide, link_190, Leno Gear, Motor Pulley, Omni Side Stay, Side Stay, Size Stay, Size Stay Cap, Snap Buckle, Stretch Pipe as well as Toyota Middle Support.
The 14 years of Experience associated with Textile Industries spare parts with excellent quality like OEM parts. The product tend to be promoted because Real high quality @ Real cost to many Indian region such as Punjab, Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Tamilnadu, Gujarat, Karnataka and also to the worldwide client bottom within Pakistan, Bangladesh, Srilnka, Nepal, The african continent as well as Western nation.
We are the specific brand developer within custom-made accuracy items based on sketches or even examples, such as customized material components, Rubberized cast components, machining components, castings as well as forging components using the capacity for completely incorporated production with textile industries.
Umiya Enterprise also consider as a brand new development of the products associated with regard to most advance weaving machinery with the customer’s needs to satisfy their own specs equal to unique machinery components.
Umiya Enterprise assure the best quality as well as routine product manufacturer with supply of required quota that meets our customer satisfaction goal.
Product Range
product_icon Heald Frame
product_icon D R C 10
product_icon Side Stay
product_icon Bobbin
product_icon Backrest Shaft
product_icon Heald Frame Guide
product_icon Motor pulley
product_icon Omni Side Stay
product_icon D R C Connector
product_icon Link 190
product_icon Tsudacoma middle support
product_icon Catch Cort
Contact Us
3/14, Dashrath Estate, B/h. Shakariba Party Plot,Revabhai Estate Road, C.T.M.,Amraiwadi,Ahmedabad-380026.India
Phone : 079 25860086
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