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Heald Frame


Heald Frame

The major components of the loom are the warp beam, heddles, harnesses, shuttle, reed and takeup roll. In the loom, yarn processing includes shedding, picking, battening and taking-up operations.
Shedding is the raising of the warp yarns to form a shed through which the filling yarn, carried by the shuttle, can be inserted. The shed is the vertical space between the raised and unraised warp yarns. On the modern loom, simple and intricate shedding operations are performed automatically by the heddle or heald frame, also known as a harness. This is a rectangular frame to which a series of wires, called heddles or healds, are attached. The yarns are passed through the eye holes of the heddles, which hang vertically from the harnesses. The weave pattern determines which harness controls which warp yarns, and the number of harnesses used depends on the complexity of the weave. Two common methods of controlling the heddles are dobbies and a Jacquard Head.

We're the largest manufacturer with regard to light weight aluminum Metal Heald frame within India. Umiya Enterprise makes example number of Light weight aluminum Heald Body with regard to Air-jet, Rapier loom, Tsudacoma looms -- 205, 209i, zex-n, 9100 as well as Toyota loom. Heald frame own first class dependability, lengthy existence, constant, low-noise as well as low-vibration. It has the characteristics as compact, rigid. High streanth aluminum Alloy is used in the Heald frame.  The product is principally utilized in Textile Industry. We are able to provide any kind of heald frame to match any kind of weaving machines.

Heald Frames - Umiya Enterprise is one of the best Manufacturer & Suppliers of Tsudakoma Heald Frames, Toyota Heald Frames, Picanol Looms Heald Frames in all over the India.

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