Umiya Enterprise

Umiya Enterprise

Experience the Best Quality Textile Machinery Spare Parts

With over 25 years of experience in the field of textile machinery, we specialize in manufacturing the highest quality spare parts for your textile machinery needs.

Our workers ensures that our spare parts are designed to provide optimal performance and durability, while adhering to the highest standards of quality. Trust us to provide you with the best quality spare parts for your textile machinery, at the most competitive prices.

We are leading machinery parts provider in Gujarat. We repair as well as manufacturer high quality parts.

Umiya Enterprise also exports parts to other countries which are USA , China ,etc .

With commitment and hard work we have become leading supplier of textile machinery spare parts and also a trusted brand in this industry.

Umiya Enterprise is a leading manufacturer and supplier of the best quality textile machinery spare parts . With our commitment to innovation and excellence, we have become a trusted name in the textile industry, providing high-quality spare parts that ensure smooth and efficient operation of textile machinery.

Our team is always available there to assist you and help you with any doubts

Variety of our Products available at Umiya Enterprise

Frame Parts

Driving Parts

Welf Insertion Parts

Shedding Parts

Let-off Parts

Take-up Parts

Beating Parts

Leno Motion Parts

Catch Cords Parts

Temple and Cutter Parts